Staple & Spice Market

Staple and Spice Market has one amazing history. There are many stories and memories that are shared daily by our customers about this beautiful historical business. Some of the favorites shared are the familiar scent as you walk in the door, the super long licorice ropes as a kid, the extended variety of herbs and spices and the friendly and helpful staff. We are grateful our family is now able to share in these memories. 

Here is what we know about the basic timeline of the building and a Health Food Market being on the corner of Mt Rushmore Rd and St Joseph street... 

In 1921, The Art Rose Professional building was built. The Rose Marketeria found its home on the corner and has became a staple of the community where Rapid City shopped with confidence from 1921 to 1968. In 1968, Dean Mason purchased the Rose Marketeria and renamed it to Black Hills Staple and Spice. Dean expanded the store by adding more groceries, health foods, and even more spices. He was one of the first to bring health awareness and supplements to the community. Dean also opened a store of the same name in Gillette, Wyoming. In 1985, Dean Mason sold the store to Bart Dean. Bart continued to grow the health food and supplement lines. In 1991, the store was bought by Carol Pugh and the name was changed to Staple and Spice Market. At this time, produce and fresh bread were added to the store. In 1994, the entire store was remodeled. During that remodel, a new grain mill room was built where fresh flour was milled and used for bread sold in the store. To this day, we continue to use the mill to provide fresh wheat flour for our customers. New shelves, flooring and freezers were added as well. In 2004, beer and organic fine wines were added to the store. As the years went by new spices, herbs, coffee and teas were expanded. Local roasters and tea makers came on the scene to help add some South Dakota producers. After close to 30 years, it was time for Carol to retire and the store was purchased by the Yanders in January 2020. 

...This is where we come in...My husband and I, through a serendipitous connection with Carol, purchased Staple and Spice Market in January 2020. Thank you, God. What a gift it has been. I am a Registered Nurse by trade, a certified health coach, cycling, pilates, and strength instructor. Over the years I have gone on my own personal health journey. I feel I have always been on a path to Staple and Spice Market (not knowing it all the time) but feeling as if God called me to share my passion of health and wellness with others. It is wonderful to wake up every day and do something I love. I get to help others and inspire them to do the things that inspire them. My husband, Wayne, is a Firefighter for the Forest Service and helps out endlessly when I ask. I am truly grateful for his support. A huge bonus of purchasing the store is that our kids are able to work alongside us. It has been so much fun to share this experience with them. 

Since we purchased the store, we created a new logo and added new signs to the store front. We have also started to provide Fresh Organic Produce baskets to the community. We are looking forward to providing health coaching and educational opportunities in the near future as well as adding new items to the store. 

Without the amazing Staple and Spice Market staff, family and customers, we could not be the store that we are. We are grateful for you and your support. Thank you! Our staff will continue to live with intention and be committed to serving our customers and community and provide knowledgeable customer service. Staple ad Spice Market is your stop for natural food, bulk foods, and health and beauty in the Black Hills. Offering herbs and spices, coffees and teas, natural vitamins and supplements, essential oils and a gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free section. 

It is amazing that in June 2021 the store will celebrate its Centennial. We are humbled by the opportunity that we have to be the owners of Staple and Spice Market and that we are able to share our passion in helping others achieve health and wellness and to live their best lives. This has been an adventure so far and we are excited to see what happens in the coming years. 

Come see us at the store! 

Tammy and Wayne Yanders